PELICAN DREAMS – DOCUMENTARY – Yesterday I went to watch this new pelican documentary.  Like all documentaries this will be a short release and will not reach all movie theaters.  I hope that if it comes to your city that you will go see it to support this important film.  I love pelicans & it was amazing to be able to see footage of the pelican nest sites on the protected Channel Islands off of Santa Barbara & to see the nesting sites in the Mexican desert, too.  I learned so many things like pelicans can live to 42 years old, they can hold 2 to 3 gallons of water in their pouch and both parents help raise the chicks.  

It was touching for me to see the many volunteers who work so hard to rehabilitate injured pelicans & release them back into the wild.    Of course, we all know the devastating oil spill in the Gulf, but I didn’t know that pelicans migrating north are encountering severe late weather and are sustaining frostbite to their feet.  In recent years many of the juvenile pelicans in San Diego died because they could not get enough food to eat.   They eat anchovies, which are small bait fish.  Over fishing has reached a tipping point & pelicans are starting to show the results of it.  If we do not stop consuming fish like it is an unending source with no regard to allowing fish to recuperate from massive over fishing, then we risk the pelicans, the health of the ocean  & ourselves.  I can state that I personally am seeing the effects of climate change through the marine life’s behavior & the change in their patterns.   I will not eat fish any more & I do not feed it to my cats either.  I know that I am only one person, but if every “one person” takes action, then we can make a difference.  I love the pelicans dearly & it hurts me to think that these birds that have been here since the dinosaurs are being threatened by over fishing and climate change.  Please consider not eating fish anymore so that the ocean can recover.

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