October 2014 Art Journal - Page 126 WATERMARK

At the end of October 2014, I turned 63 years old.  Life is good.  An employee at Trader Joe’s gave me a bouquet of Marigolds, my friend Harumi sent me some wonderful cloth buttons from Japan, my cousin Bernadette gave me a fabulous & sacred Kuan Yuen necklace in a bowl filled with sea glass, abalone bits & other tiny treasures & my son and his wife gave me money to go whale watching!  The Planet Earth gave me a gorgeous day, a humpback whale that threw her flukes 3 times, hundreds & hundreds of dolphins with too many sea lions to count “porpoising” right along with them & the knowledge that I am lucky to live every day in the beauty on this earth.  If the shore birds could sing, they would surely be telling me that I am loved.  Happy Birthdays are not about “stuff” they are about being in the flow of the joys that come our way every single day.

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