TODAY WAS ONE OF THOSE DAYS WHERE ALL THE YEARS OF VOLUNTEERING TO PROTECT THE SEALS CAME TO FRUITION – 166 Harbor seals on the beach, more than 70 people staying respectfully behind the rope with crowds of people coming & going for 7 hours without incident.  This is what we have worked for years to achieve.  To hear the joy & delight of visitors coming to see the seals for the very first time brought tears to my eyes.  & the pregnant seals were able to rest peacefully.  Hercules, the previously rescued male sea lion, showed up to take a nap with the harbor seals.  One little harbor seal about 8 months old gave Hercules the slapping motion to stay away!  The tide was coming in & big waves were breaking over the seawall.  The waves flushed the Cormorants off of Seal Rock and the flock of birds all swam out to sea together.  There was a rainbow in the ocean spray against the cliffs, too.  Sunset came & went without fanfare today because the clouds are moving in.  We are supposed to be getting rain tomorrow maybe, but not today.  Today was a little piece of heaven.  I carry this beauty in my heart.


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