December 2014 Art Journal - Page 144 WATERMARK

 It’s just before Christmas in this page from my 2014 Art Journal.  I love the fact that Poinsettia flowers bloom in giant bushes outside in San Diego this time of year.  There’s this house in my neighborhood that I privately call the “Monet” house because of the colors it is painted & there are lovely red Poinsettia flowers blooming there now.  Christmas in San Diego today is buying Italian Amaretti cookies at Trader Joe’s, driving around looking at Poinsettia and other blooming flowers with a stop by the beach on a windy day to watch the Wind Surfers dip & jump with the waves.  Coming home from the beach I make myself a dinner of a sunny-side up egg on a warm corn tortilla with avocado slices & hot sauce.  It may be Christmas in San Diego, but we are not shoveling snow!  

In the afternoon, I make triangle-shaped cards out of handmade paper from India with interior pages rubber stamped with peacocks & lotus flowers.  The holidays are a time of keeping up with correspondence from old friends & having a special card to write on brings me pleasure & hopefully will bring a smile to the recipient, too.    The New Year is just around the corner, but right now I’m enjoying a San Diego Christmas.

Poinsettias & Monet house 12-15-2014 - 5


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