January Art Journal 2015 - Page 2 WATERMARK

WHALE WATCHING TRIPS IN JANUARY BRING SUCH BEAUTY OF THE SEA  – There are gray whales everywhere.  The whales are migrating south to Mexico.  First the pregnant female gray whales come down the coast in a hurry to get to Mexico to give birth to their calves.  Occasionally a whale gives birth on the way down and a 3rd whale will accompany the mother & calf to help her protect her baby.  Then the males and juvenile whales follow along at a more leisurely pace sometimes playing as they migrate.  These are great days to get to see a gray whale even from the beach!  I love watching the whales blow at sunset, when it turns pink!

This whale trip I was excited to see many Cassin’s Auklet birds bouncing along on the waves.  These chubby little birds fill their mouths with krill for their babies & then are too heavy to lift themselves out of the water so they bounce along on the waves as they are too heavy to fly!  The sight of the day for me though was thousands of Bonaparte’s gulls feeding during their migration.  The white wings in murmuration patterns was breathtakingly beautiful & as our boat got close to them, their chattering bird song was charming.  Right off shore, 8 miles out, nature lifts my heart.  Always.  I swear if I had money, I would spend the rest of my life on the sea.



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