ANOTHER MESSAGE ART JOURNAL – This one is illustrated recipes from Venice, Italy.  I created this art journal as a birthday gift for someone special who visited Venice & loved the food.  I found these recipes in my Venice source file, which had an article from a cooking magazine that featured Venice food.  

Note:  I have a 4-drawer file cabinet with magazine articles & photos filed by subject.  I have collected and filed magazine photos for 30 years and have a pretty good source of inspiration to use for my artwork that is quickly and easily accessible.  I probably have 75 files of just photos of different birds and maybe 100 files for flowers.  Magazines have such gorgeous photos and are a wonderful resource for artists.


  1. Arts & Rhymes

    This is gorgeous; love the old fashion street lamp! So impressive that you have such a large resource collection. I think it’s a great idea!

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  2. nldesignsbythesea Post author

    I use my magazine photos all the time because they are filed. Right now I’m working on a watercolor with hummingbirds and I probably have 100 photos of them from magazines I’ve collected over the years. Also, I buy my magazines for 25 cents at our used book section in the library so I just rip them apart to my heart’s content!


  3. nldesignsbythesea Post author

    Thanks Doria! I look at your very beautiful quilted heart & dress cards and think that is why people buy your cards because they can feel all the love you put into them. Do all things with love…



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