April Art Journal - Page 43 WATERMARK

9 BABY OPOSSUMS WERE LEFT IN MY PATIO WHEN THEY WERE WEANED, BUT STILL VERY TINY BABIES.  I ended up taking 2 cold & shivering ones to Project Wildlife, 4 died (maybe from rain & cold?) and 3 were left to make it on their own.  They were unafraid of me in the beginning and would look up at me with big shoe-button eyes as they munched cat chow.  The babies had no concept of fear or protection & would come out way before sunset and be out in the morning for hours after sunrise, but as time went by, they would scurry away from me and I saw them less & less.  The 3 remaining ones left and I wish them well with their little opossum lives.  Baby opossums are delightful!


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