Buddha Cedros Gardens 9-2015 W

THERE IS A SPIRITUALITY IN MY RELATIONSHIP TO THE SEA.  A centering of my being, of my soul.  A recognition & confirmation that I have a place in this world.  A sense of belonging.  I am perfect right where I am, here by the sea.  I am not separate from the sea, my energy in this body is the same energy in the currents in the sea, in the ebb & flow of the tides, in the migration of the whales, the flight of the shorebirds and the swimming seals & fish.  I am part of the energy of the lobsters walking on the bottom of the sea & the swaying of the giant kelp forests.  When sun sets on the ocean’s horizon with a spark of green flash, my energy is there.  The life force in me is no different from the life force in the sea.  I am not visiting the sea.  I am the sea.  We are one.    

Watercolor 9 1/2″ x 11″


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