PASSAGES & PORTALS:  A WOMAN’S JOURNEY – Handmade book, crown binding so that book opens fully into a “star”. Watercolor pages, rice paper flowers, German Dresden decorations.  

Each woman holds a banner stating “I am” under a portal of “Nurturing”, “Creative”, “Beautiful”, “Strong”, etc.  On the final page, the woman holds a banner that says “I am enough”.  As a woman of a “certain age”, I look back over the course of my life & realize that I thought I was never enough.  Never thin enough, never pretty enough, never good enough, never, never.  Now I realize that in fact, I always was enough in every stage of my life.  If only I had known.  We are enough.  We always were.

This book will be a San Diego Book Arts exhibit in the “Cherchez La Femme – Look for the Woman” exhibit at the Women’s Museaum, Liberty Station in San Diego, California from October 1 – November 1, 2015.


  1. Nancy Lee Artist By-the-Sea Post author

    Thank you so much Lynn! I’m so glad you like it. There are so many people (and society) who strive to go out of their way and tell us we are not enough. I love the concept that I AM ENOUGH. Don’t struggle Lynn, you certainly are enough!



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