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August Art Journal - Page 76 W

ART JOURNAL PAGE FROM AUGUST – Spending time walking in Pacific Beach I spotted a Western Seagull picking up a clam & dropping it over and over.  The gull just couldn’t understand why the clam wouldn’t open on the soft sand, but he sure tried to get it open!  Lunch at Ki-s Restaurant in Cardiff By-the-Sea next to the high-tide lagoon with the train trestle & Snowy Egrets was lovely.  I attended a photography workshop at a friend’s home in Leucadia & her home is right on the bluff above the ocean.  The view of the ocean from above is beautiful, but It is a long way down rambling steps to get to the sea!  In Pacific Beach, the “Stone Man” stood as stoic as ever just watching the sea.  I have given this rock naturally shaped by the sea & wind  the name of “Stone Man” because at just the right time of day with a certain light you can see the “Stone Man” face.  Every time I walk on the beach now I carry a bag & pick up trash.  Sunglasses, glow sticks, straws, beach toys, hats, flip flops it all ends up in the sea as plastic pollution unless we pick it up.  It is a lovely life by-the-sea in San Diego.




SAN DIEGO AUTUMN – THE LITTLE TOWN OF JULIAN HAS APPLE PICKING & THEY ARE WELL KNOWN FOR THEIR FRESH APPLE PIES.  I go to the La Jolla Farmer’s Market & bring home a market basket of crisp & crunchy apples.  I think of apple recipes.  A curry chicken & apple salad, a simple apple tart baking in the oven.  Or maybe baked apples with a dollop of vanilla yogurt on the top will hit the spot.  Apples & cinnamon.  It’s a San Diego fall !