SAN DIEGO TIDE POOL DISCOVERIES – Every day walking on the beach brings a different experience.  A brand new moment of the beauty of nature.  The Sanderlings run to & fro trying to outrun the incoming tide while they feed between waves.  Their tiny legs moving so quick-quick in a blur are like cartoon road runner legs.  A mussell shell filled with sand makes a lovely container sparkling like an abalone shell in the sunlight.  A kelp crab, still alive is huge & gorgeous.  I return him to the sea where he belongs.  Scallop shell tapestries fill my mind with the desire to paint.  A sand dollar with sand designs around it is like a comet.  Make a wish.  The real surprise of this day though is a pile of sand dollars some unknown person put into a pile shaped like a heart & they left it for me to find.  Every day by the sea is lovely.

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