Daily Archives: January 9, 2016


EVERY SINGLE DAY IN LA JOLLA HAS MOMENTS OF BEAUTY.   It is winter in San Diego & this year we have rain storms & huge waves caused by El Nino.  I watch two sea lions coming up onto the beach at the Cove to rest.  At Casa Beach, the Harbor seals rest on the shore & the sky above is filled with indigo storm clouds & an aqua sea.  A heart-shaped cloud floats above.  In the evening the sun sets & Torrey Pine trees frame an ocean sunset view.  As I leave, the sky in the east is lit up in brilliant pink hues sending me home with sunset dreams.  Earlier in the day, I found a stone on the beach surrounded by sand patterns created by the retreating tide.  My grateful heart is rooted in the beauty of the sea.  Everyday.  Everyday.