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Sugar eggs by the sea 3-25-2016 - 2 W



Sugar eggs by the sea 3-25-2016 - 1 W

WHEN I WAS YOUNG, THERE WOULD ALWAYS BE AN INEDIBLE (BUT PRETTY) HARD SUGAR EASTER EGG IN MY EASTER BASKET.  The sugar egg seemed so magical somehow.  Sugar crystals glistened on the white sugar egg and it was “iced” with pastel roses.  Such a pretty thing, but the best part was looking through the little oval window to see what magical scene was inside.  It could be a cottage in the woods or rabbits in a garden. Hours could be spent by a child holding the hard sugar egg & looking at the dreamy landscape inside.  An Easter tradition that over the years became pointless to me because what good is a sugar egg that you couldn’t eat?  

Recently I was reminded of Sugar eggs and remembered the magic of the little hidden world inside the egg and how I wanted to escape into that world as a child if only for a few moments my life would be blissful and safe.  Thinking about making my own sugar egg with a magical world inside, I realized that the view inside would have to be a seascape.  Like Alice-in-Wonderland falling into the rabbit hole or somehow entering a fairy tale that doesn’t seem real, but oh, we so want it to be, I am surrounded by a magical world of living by-the-sea.  I no longer need a Sugar egg with a view to escape to, I have been lucky enough to have a world that I have fully entered into filled with the magic of nature & the joy of living a life that has beauty & magic.  I am inside the view in the Sugar egg that I always longed to escape to.

So in the spirit of these thoughts, here is my fantasy inedible Sugar Easter egg with hints of Faberge’ decorations because it is bejeweled by the gifts in the sea.  Of course, the view inside is a perfect frozen-in-time seascape escape.  I wonder.  Perhaps we all need to create a sugar egg with our dream world escape hidden inside and look at it everyday until our real everyday life is that world?  Do you think it would work?  Maybe.  Visualization is a powerful thing.  Sometimes I think that it took something inside me opening up to see that I already was living a magical & interesting life by-the-sea.  Maybe we all are already living the life we dream about, but just don’t take the time to see it? And if we are not living the life we dream of, then why are we not striving for it?  Life is so short.  A sugar egg left in the sun will melt and disintegrate into a pile of nothingness or become brittle and break. Don’t let your dreams slip away.  Nurture the vision of the world you want to be living in. Hold fast to it and set goals to get to it.  We all deserve a sugar egg landscape world.  

Note:  The Easter egg is glittered just like a sugar crystal Easter egg, but the glitter doesn’t show up well in the photo!   


Curry Deviled Eggs recipe 3-25-2016 W

What would Easter be without deviled eggs? I put curry powder in my deviled eggs & a bit of plain yogurt to cut the fat in the mayo. I’ve had these little vintage chickens for about 30 years & they remind me of the time in my life when I had a flock of real chickens.  I make deviled eggs throughout the year because they are one of my favorite things to eat.  Eggs, eggs, eggs.  I can never get enough!