KEYS TO MY HEART – FIBER ART – This piece was created during a time of deep reflection & a time of great stress after an accident I had 12 years ago.  The creation of this piece was actually also a form of physical therapy to get back use of my left hand.  I gathered up trinkets & treasures from the first 52 years of life. Some of those treasures are my old girl scout badges, 2 pet collars & a favorite cat toy from my beloved cats, my son’s childhood toy,  my baby spoon & my son’s baby spoon, plant tags handwritten by my father for his greenhouse business, guitar picks found on the ground after a childhood musician friend passed away, old calligraphy pen nibs & a huge collection of assorted keys purchased at estate sales.  The keys at the bottom (made of shrinky dink) have journal entries written & illustrated about the objects on the fiber art.  Each key & each trinket on the art has a number to link them up.  

This piece was like saying to myself “OK so that part of my life is over & done.  I bless all that has come before & I cherish that part of my life, but time moves on and I must be open to this sacred moment of change & I must have faith that what is coming to me in the future is meant to be.”   Little did I know that in the 12 years to come that this accident would turn out just maybe to be a type of blessing in disguise.  I suddenly had the luxury of time to create art, to find my voice as an artist by-the-sea, to become a nature photographer, to be an animal activist for the harbor seals & sea lions, start a blog & to live my life everyday with a profound gratefulness of the beauty that this life of ours is.    It all makes me wonder if just maybe, maybe, there really is an unseen hand that guides us.   Maybe it’s all about faith after all.


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