Monthly Archives: October 2016


May I be happy, may I be well, may I be safe, may I be peaceful & at ease.  & when life breaks me open in places, may it be to allow me to see the beauty of this world more clearly.  May I hold on with grace.  May I stay on track to following my dreams.  May I have hope as light as a feather on the wind, but as strong as a sea worn boulder by-the-sea.  May I go with with the flow of life easily & be embraced with love from Mother Earth.  May I see magic where ever I go.


SOUL OF A GARDEN – Inspired by time spent taking care of a friend’s feral cats in her private garden.  Handmade double-sided accordion book.  One side of the book opens up to the full panorama view of the garden (like a mural) & the other side of the book has “normal” pages that turn to tell the story of the Soul of a Garden.  Stonehenge paper for the pages, watercolor covers, watercolor & pen illustrations.  2016