It’s almost like the beach breathes a sigh of relief after Labor Day and triples in size.  It is wide open, spacious even.  I take a deep breath filling my lungs up with the scent of the sea and revel in the feeling of a sacred space returning.  Kids have gone back to school, tourists have mostly left and Pacific Beach returns once again to the locals.  On a weekday the beach has just a few people walking on the beach.  Surfers are always at the beach waiting for the perfect wave, but now the crowds of surfers arrive after the work day ends to get a few rides in before sunset.  There are empty parking spaces in the parking lot!  Even on weekends, there will be more surfers and people on the beach, but it definitely has an after the summer ends feeling now.  At minus low tide the beach goes on for miles with a few clumps of seaweed scattered about and I can now walk all the way to the protected tide pools.  It is lovely to walk at low tide on the hard-packed sand.  I stop from time to time to look at and photograph the patterns on the sand from the receding waves or the swirls of seaweed left in designs shaped by the sea.  I look for sea shells and spot a Norris Top snail shell that is still alive.  The Norris Top snail shell is a dull brown, but hides inside a bright red-orange marine mollusk. Some of the tide pool rocks have clusters of Black Turban shells huddled around the bottom where they will stay until the high tide returns.  I walk by a sea gull napping on a bed of drying seaweed and he looks at me, but doesn’t move.  These walks at the beach are exercise for me, but I feel free to dilly dally along my walk and enjoy the landscape.  The sound of the waves is soothing & no matter what is going on in my life my problems have been left at home.  On days like today, I never want this time to end.  It is irresistible to not want to be at the beach in September and I return at the end of the day to watch the sunset.  Tonight the sun is a white hot spot on the horizon & the sky turns a warm orange, which reflects on the sand, too.  A surfer is a black shadow silhouette as he walks out to catch a few waves before dark.  I am reminded of the movie poster for “The Endless Summer”.  The glory of San Diego in September, is that It may not be an endless summer here, but it is still gorgeous weather and Pacific Beach has been returned once again to just us locals. 

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