Shore Bird Photo Greeting Cards


A greeting card series of cards that are created with Nancy Lee Artist By-the-Sea’s nature photography on the coast of Southern California. 

Each card set has a distinctive theme celebrating different coastal subjects such as:  California Brown Pelicans, Ocean Waves, Harbor Seals, Shore Birds, Sunsets and Sea Shells.  

“Shore Birds – Photo Greeting Cards” is a series of coastal bird photos, which show how funny & beautiful birds can be.

These cards perfect to use for any occasion.  The inside of the cards are blank and each card is hand-stamped with either a dolphin or pelican motif, which has been hand-carved by Nancy Lee Artist By-the-Sea.  Each card is 6 ½” x 5” with a 6” x 4” photo.  These cards could also be easily framed to give as gifts or display in your home!

A set of six cards costs $20 plus shipping & handling.  At this time, these cards are only available for purchase direct from the artist on Etsy.

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