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A HUGE GARIBALDI FISH GOT TRAPPED IN A TIDE POOL UNTIL HIGH TIDE!  This particular reef has a tide pool shaped perfectly round with an indentation around it that is a shallow pool, which attracts lots of tiny shore crabs.  The Garibaldi fish swam around and around waiting impatiently for the high tide so he could escape.  The tiny shore crabs swarmed around the tide pool hole & the Harbor seals napped nearby.  When a Willet shore bird came by to catch the crabs, the crabs all scurried to the edge of the reef and tucked themselves into crevices.  Such is ocean life at La Jolla!  You can watch a video of the Garibaldi fish swimming at YouTube:  California By the Sea!


HAND-CARVED RUBBER STAMPS MADE INTO POSTCARDS – I hand-carved these rubber stamps to look like woodblock prints, stamped them & then hand water-colored them.  I mailed the postcards to myself to make sure they would survive the USPS postage machines.  This series of greeting cards are made in such a way that the postcards are only temporarily attached!  These are embroidery floss stitches or photo corners on the cards to hold the postcards in place, but then I can remove them to see the lovely sea shell postage stamps & the message!  Some of the cards are also embellished with tiny sea shells, sequins and starfish or shell beads, too!  I entered these cards into a summer theme competition at my greeting card group & will use the post cards in a collaborative art project with San Diego Book Arts.  It’s fun to create something like the hand-carved rubber stamps & then see how many ways I can use them!  


FULL STURGEON MOON IN AUGUST – Fishing tribes are thought to have named this full moon for the giant Sturgeon fish that are readily caught in the month of August.  These primitive fish have remained relatively unchanged since the finding of the earliest fossils.  Sturgeon fish are 7 – 12 feet long, can weigh 3,000 pounds, live 50  or more years & don’t even spawn until they are 15 years old.  They are primarily caught for their roe, which is processed into caviar.   Sturgeon fish can be found in North America along the Atlantic Coast, the Gulf of Mexico, the Great Lakes, the Mississippi River, California rivers & the Pacific Ocean.  Sturgeon fish also can be found in Russia, Central Asia, Italy and the Arctic Ocean.  Most species of Sturgeon are considered to be at risk of extinction due to overfishing & loss of habitat.  

Some Native American tribes know this August full moon as the Full Red Moon because as the moon rises, it can appear reddish through a hazy sky.  August full moon is also known as the Green Corn Moon or the Grain Moon.