BIRDS TO ME ARE LIKE MIRACLES.  They don’t have to have faith or believe they can fly, they know it from the instant they leave the egg.  They have a bit of a learning curve to master the art of flying when they fledge, but quickly learn the art of aerodynamics with lift offs, landings & soaring.  Double-Crested Cormorants also master the art of entering the sea with a smooth motion to swim deep down into the ocean for their meals.  I watch them with awe as they land on the cliff, shaking off the ocean from their sea-soaked wings.  Spreading out their wings to dry in sun worship.  Fluffing their feathers into place “just so” with an iridescent gleam as they gaze at me with turquoise eyes set off by an orange-amber bill.  I swoon.  Perhaps if I believe, I can fly, too.  

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