Monthly Archives: October 2017


SAN DIEGO FELLOW CALLIGRAPHERS – WATERCOLOR WORKSHOP WITH CALLIGRAPHER & ARTIST, CONNIE FURGASON was quite wonderful.  I took pages & pages of illustrated art journal notes and created 10 watercolor paintings during the two-day workshop!  Fellowship with other artists is so important to me.  It puts a bounce in my step to know that I’m in a community that supports art!



“AUTUMN BLESSINGS ON THE WIND” – Nature sighs as summer ends & winter is on it’s way.  Gusts of wind shake loose all the colorful leaves from surrounding trees to reveal their handsome winter silhouettes.  Stark winter beauty is on the way. 

“Autumn Blessings” – small watercolor.  


FULL HUNTER’S MOON – OCTOBER – This year the Harvest Moon actually was in September because that’s when it was the closest to Autumn Equinox.  Therefore, October’s full moon is called the Hunter’s Moon this year!  When October’s Full Moon follows a September Harvest Moon, it is also called the Blood Moon or Sanguine Moon. 

The Full Hunter’s Moon gets it’s name from the Native American Indians.  Fields of grain have been reaped and deer & foxes come out at night to eat the leftover fallen grain to fatten up for the coming winter.  When the Full Hunter’s Moon rises, the moon light shines through the bare tree branches & hunter’s can easily see the animals coming out of the forest.  Native Americans hunted during this full moon to store up meat to see them through the long winter.  Western Europe and many Native American tribes celebrate the Full Hunter’s Moon as an important feast day.