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AUTUMN LEAF PRINTING WITH PAPER COLLAGE LEAVES – These postcards were such fun to create with quotes about the season of autumn.  I used local leaves from the neighborhood & printed with rubber stamp ink, adding watercolor painting to a few of the leaves, too.  Origami and gelli printed papers cut out into leaf shapes added the perfect touch to collage fallen autumn leaves. 


Lily flowers in a pond float like pretty colored birthday cake flowers.

Magical blooms of nature from a water plant with its roots bound deep in mud.

The leaf green lily pads float becoming perches for frogs & toads who sing in the night.

In the sunlit water morning koi fish jewels flash deep & then surface for a look at the day.

Dragonflies zoom by, leaving iridescent color trails sparkling in my mind’s eye.

This is joy.  Not flash in the pan happiness, but deep-seated, lasting joy. 

Of being alive in this life, of knowing that I am part & parcel of it all. 

The glittering magic, the deep swimming sea, the song of life. 

The water flowers bloom with the magic of a thousand years of the continuation of life. 

The earth is filled with joy.

Joy. Joy. Joy.  Happy Birthday to me.  I hear the singing of the earth.


SHELLY CAT BY THE SEA:  ADVENTURES AT THE BEACH is a children’s book I’ve written & illustrated.   Here is an excerpt from the book about the day they discovered sea weeds!

Sometimes the high tides wash up all kinds of seaweeds onto the beach.  Marv had read a wonderful book on seaweeds of the Pacific Coast & knew lots about seaweeds. Marv thought it would be a fun game if they all could see what kinds of seaweeds they could each find. 

Shelly Cat found a long frond of feather boa seaweed.  It was quite damp, but Shelly Cat liked it very much as a scarf.  She draped it around her neck & did a little dance while humming. 

Louis found some bright yellow-green lettuce seaweed & immediately sat down to have a snack.  The seaweed lettuce had been freshly washed & salted by the sea.  Louis thought it was delicious while he munched on it.

Marv was very excited to find a purplish-red, seaweed blade that was covered with bumps.  He picked it up & ran to Shelly Cat & Louis to tell them all about Turkish Towel seaweed!    Who knew that you could find a Turkish Towel at the beach?  Since it was dripping with ocean water & wouldn’t dry anything, Shelly Cat & Louis just laughed & laughed.  Marv didn’t care because they all had another fun day at the beach exploring living their lives by-the-sea.

Seaweeds of the Pacific Coast by Jennifer Mondragon & Jeff Mondgragon

Turkish Towel – chondracanthus exasperutus

Sea Lettuce – Ulva spp. – Ulva is widely used for food.  It can be dried, toasted or eaten fresh in salads, soups & other dishes.

Feather Boa Kelp – egregia menziesil