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Shelly Cat By the Sea reads A Guide to San Diego Sea Shells!

Shelly Cat By the Sea learned about sea shells from Nancy Lee’s book, “A Guide to San Diego Sea Shells”! Shelly Cat really enjoyed the book and so did Marv & Louis! Have you bought your copy of both of these books yet?!…/…/ref=sr_1_1…

“Shelly Cat By the Sea: Adventures at the Beach” has arrived!

“Shelly Cat By the Sea: Adventures at the Beach” is the delightful story of Shelly Cat and her two “marvelous” mice friends, Marv & Louis, who live by the beach.  The three friends build sand castles and collect sea shells, but also have adventures at the beach seeing dolphins, sea lions and harbor seals.  The inquisitive cat and mice watch pelicans plunge into the sea for dinner, snowy egrets “dance” on the beach and see cormorants with turquoise eyes and throats.  Each adventure is an opportunity for education about the beach environment on the west coast.  Shelly Cat and the mice even spend time picking up trash on the beach.  Shelly Cat is a very happy cat and clearly enjoys her life by the sea.  She wears assorted hats and necklaces.  Marv & Louis, the two mice, each have distinctive personalities.  Marv is the serious one who likes to read books and watches out for Louis.  Louis is shy and has a childlike silliness.  Louis often carries paper umbrellas used for drinks that he found at the beach.  One day the mice discover that they are talented at weaving baskets and hats from reeds growing in the marsh on the bay.  Another day the three friends run away from the waves with the tiny Sanderling birds.  Together they collect and learn about sea weeds and about the hermit crabs living in sea shells in tide pools.  Shelly Cat, Marv & Louis go grunion hunting under the full moon and collect pine nuts from pine trees.  They watch sea gulls raise their polka-dotted chicks.  Every day is a marvelous adventure at the beach with Shelly Cat By the Sea and her two mice friends, Marv & Louis.  Both adults and children will enjoy this book.

“Shelly Cat By the Sea: Adventures at the Beach” is written by Nancy Lee Artist By-the-Sea and is illustrated with Nancy Lee’s watercolors.  Nancy Lee previously published “A Guide to San Diego Sea Shells”, a sea shell education book with her watercolor illustrations and photography of sea shells in Southern California.


Shelly Cat Rainy Day 12-2015 W

EL NINO RAIN STORM IN SAN DIEGO  It was pouring rain & Shelly Cat didn’t like getting wet!  She found a fallen palm tree leaf that was big enough to shelter her, Marv & Louis.  Marv used a Scallop sea shell to protect him from the rain until he got under the palm leaf with Shelly Cat, but as usual   Louis had his own ideas about things.  Louis scampered along carrying a paper party umbrella convinced that it would really work to keep him dry!