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2015 YEAR OF THE RAM – Happy Chinese New Year!  I turned 2 lucky envelopes into covers to create an unique folding card (turkish map fold) & painted a Japanese etegami postcard, too.  The ram plate is a vintage Japanese plate owned by a friend.  

If you are born in the year of the ram, you are gentle, mild-mannered, shy, stable, sympathetic, amicable, thoughtful, kindhearted & with a strong sense of justice.

October  2014 Art Journal Page 118 WATERMARK

2014 WATER COLOR ART JOURNAL – End of September & Beginning of October –  A friend’s mother filed out the dings in my bone folder!  I didn’t even know this could be done & really like the size of this bone folder, which I keep on my art table.  

I made my favorite cooler weather breakfast dish – brown rice, sauteed apples with loads of cinnamon topped with an over-hard fried egg.  Yum.  The sweet opossum still shows up every night hoping I will have forgotten to take the cat chow inside.  

I follow Studio Touya (a Japanese ceramics studio)  & they made 2 ceramic goats, which are based on a Japanese folk song.  Researching the song I discovered that the children’s song is about a white & black goat who each send a letter to the other goat who promptly eats the letter without reading.  I love that the lyrics of the song state “sing forever”!

Thinking about creative inspiration lately & how one glimpse of an idea to create art, spirals out into all kinds of projects – like when a stone is thrown into a pond & the ripples just go on & on.  I hope you have a moment of inspiration today that will fill the coming days with creative joy!