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BABY OPOSSUMS – Currently I have spotted 6 of these cuties scurrying around my patio.  They seem to be living under the front house, probably with their mother.  I’m having to bring in the cat chow bowl earlier and earlier each day because they come out around 5:00 p.m.   They run right up to the cat chow bowl & look up at me with their cute faces.  I have to chase them away by coming close and put the bowl away.  The other night I went out with a flashlight and one of these tiny creatures hissed & snarled at me (all bluff) to stay away.  I watch them climb the chainlink fence & make their first attempts to climb up the giant ficus tree next door.  Last night it rained and they got their first being wet experience!  I only wonder how long it will take them to grow up and wander off because having 6 of these guys so close will not be a good thing.  At first the cats were entertained chasing them, but they put off an odor to keep animals from eating them.  Now I think my cats are just annoyed that they are always there & the cat food is inside!  Still these are very cute creatures & I feel lucky to see them and grin at their adorable selves.