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SAN DIEGO ZOO – Tigers, Flamingos, Pandas & Peacocks Oh My!

Tigers, Peacocks, Flamingos & Pandas – Oh My!  Such beauty at the San Diego Zoo.  It was wonderful spending time with some of the volunteers there, too.  I was happily surprised at all the education given to visitors there now.  The educational exhibits are wonderful and some are interactive, too.  Sometimes the animals couldn’t be seen because the foliage in their enclosures gives them the opportunity to stay out of sight.  Really the San Diego Zoo is evolving in the right direction!  


TIGERS ON THE MARCH !  I delight in small trinkets & treasures and saw this vintage tiger collection from Japan recently.  Some of the tigers had bobbing heads, some tigers had a person riding on them and some of them were so tiny that the shop proprietor brought out a magnifying glass so I could see them. Continue reading