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What’s on your to-do list?!  Shelly Cat By the Sea has created a list to remind her to enjoy life!  Shelly Cat’s adventures at the beach teach children about our local wildlife and San Diego’s coastal environment.  Shelly Cat and her friends, Marv & Louis, have learned a lot about San Diego sea shells by reading ” A Guide to San Diego Sea Shells”!  Here’s an illustrated page from my book about Giant Owl Limpets – look closely in the photo for the owl silhouette – do you see it?!  You can easily purchase both  “A Guide to San Diego Sea Shells” and “Shelly Cat By the Sea:  Adventures at the Beach” from Amazon!

A Guide to San Diego Sea Shells Reference Book

“A Guide to San Diego Sea Shells” is a reference book for Southern California sea shells.

I wrote “A Guide to San Diego Sea Shells” after realizing that all the shell books I found were shells of the world or the South Pacific, but that there was no sea shell book about Southern California shells.  It took 3 1/2 years of researching the shells before I wrote this book.  I learned interesting and fun facts like mussels live 20 years and there is a silhouette of an owl inside a Giant Owl Limpet shell!  

I painted the watercolor illustrations of the shells from sea shells I found on San Diego beaches. The name of each shell and interesting information about each shell is added in calligraphy.  The illustrations share fun information as well as the names of the shell. In the back of the book are pages of photographs I took of sea shells.  


Using “A Guide to San Diego Sea Shells”, the next time you pick up a shell on the beach you will be able to find out about the shell in your hand!   Take a moment and order your copy for the summer!…

Shelly Cat By the Sea reads A Guide to San Diego Sea Shells!

Shelly Cat By the Sea learned about sea shells from Nancy Lee’s book, “A Guide to San Diego Sea Shells”! Shelly Cat really enjoyed the book and so did Marv & Louis! Have you bought your copy of both of these books yet?!…/…/ref=sr_1_1…