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January 2016 Art Journal - Page 1 W

2016 MONTHLY ART JOURNAL JANUARY- Beautiful La Jolla stole my heart years ago.  In January rain storms came ashore bringing rainbows and the red blooms of aloe vera.  Walking on Coast Walk among the Torrey Pine trees & then going to see the sea lions is always a wonderful thing to do.  Sea lions barking always brings a smile.  Low tide exposes drapes of slumped eel grass with a Snowy white egret moving like a slow meditation dance as he pursues fish dinner.  After being closed for several years due to lifeguard tower construction, the seawall at Casa Beach opened just in time to get a closeup view of the beginning of the harbor seal pupping season.  

This is the first page of my 2016 Monthly Watercolor Art Journal with 8 1/2″ x 11″ pages so each of these paintings is tiny..


October Art Journal - Page 86 W

MIDDLE OF OCTOBER IN SAN DIEGO – I spent some time at the Famosa Slough, a bird sanctuary in Point Loma where I observed Great White Egrets feeding & a group of Black Neck Stilts.  Famosa Slough is a wonderful marsh area, which used to be completely filled with trash & was cleared out by volunteers & turned into a lovely respite for migrating birds.  At the beach a man piled stones one on top of the other in a balancing act.  The sunset was cloudy due to rain one day, but on another day I turned to look at the amber sunlit bluffs & caught the stunning reflection in the mirrored low-tide sand.  Beautiful.  Pelicans carried branches around at the La Jolla Cove pretending they are nest building.  I photographed piles of fresh giant kelp at the beach, which made me think of woven tapestries.  A seagull sitting by a sand castle made me smile.  It was as if the seagull had built it just for me!   San Diego Undersea Film Exhibition had their annual dive film events & I went both nights.  I have spent my life by the sea, but seeing the life under the sea is simply astonishing.  A video this year of sperm whales simply took my breath away.  Another video morphed an artists octopus art with the real deal.  The illustration here of a clownfish in an anemone, will always remind me of a film that asked the question “Where is Nemo?” & answered it with “In the aNEMOe!”.  

October is my birthday month so I spend time reflecting on my life.  It has been more than a decade for me since I had an accident that prevented me from working, but gave me a small disability income.  I have been blessed to have been given the opportunity to live a life by the sea that is filled with the adventure of learning about the things I love & spending time being an artist.  Who knows what the future will bring?  All I know is that I have lived a very simple life with few material things, but with many riches of the beauty in this world.  I really couldn’t ask for more.  


August Art Journal - Page 76 W

ART JOURNAL PAGE FROM AUGUST – Spending time walking in Pacific Beach I spotted a Western Seagull picking up a clam & dropping it over and over.  The gull just couldn’t understand why the clam wouldn’t open on the soft sand, but he sure tried to get it open!  Lunch at Ki-s Restaurant in Cardiff By-the-Sea next to the high-tide lagoon with the train trestle & Snowy Egrets was lovely.  I attended a photography workshop at a friend’s home in Leucadia & her home is right on the bluff above the ocean.  The view of the ocean from above is beautiful, but It is a long way down rambling steps to get to the sea!  In Pacific Beach, the “Stone Man” stood as stoic as ever just watching the sea.  I have given this rock naturally shaped by the sea & wind  the name of “Stone Man” because at just the right time of day with a certain light you can see the “Stone Man” face.  Every time I walk on the beach now I carry a bag & pick up trash.  Sunglasses, glow sticks, straws, beach toys, hats, flip flops it all ends up in the sea as plastic pollution unless we pick it up.  It is a lovely life by-the-sea in San Diego.