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I BLAME IT ALL ON THE RENOIR EXHIBIT AT THE LOS ANGELES COUNTY MUSEUM ART’S 2010 EXHIBIT OF RENOIR PAINTINGS.  The gift shop had an amazing display of gossamer scarves & I wanted to take everyone of them home with me & wear them always to remind me of the beauty of seeing the world through Renoir’s eyes.  Of course, I didn’t even get one scarf so to fill the void I starting collecting scarves at TJ Maxx, Marshall’s & good old thrift shops where scarf beauties hung on racks calling out to me to take them home with them.  Sigh.  Fast forward to my closet all these years later & you can only imagine all the scarves I own.  Have I ever worn them?  Sometimes and usually they make me sneeze from the dust they collect hanging around in my closet!  So today I pulled them all out.  Scarves made of silks & linens, embellished with sequins, pom poms, & lovely tassels.  Scarves of turquoise, aqua, blues & purples.  Scarves from India sheer & diaphanous, embroidered with elephants.  Scarves that really are dreams of the kind of life I dreamed of living.  They are not just lovely strips of fabric.  They are dreams of romance, of beauty, of a kind of elegant life I simply don’t lead.  Sigh.  I filled up a grocery bag to go back to the thrift store, but I need to let go of more.  Also I’ve now been reminded that all of these scarves state Dry Clean Only.  I’m hand washing those I want to keep.   It may be just the motivation I need to give more away!    



ART JOURNAL NOTES – One of the things I love to do is to take spontaneous illustrated notes during art workshops I attend.  Sometimes I am asked how I can do this so fast and my answer is I don’t worry about making mistakes.  I move quickly wanted to capture things the teacher is saying that seem powerful to me.  I create tiny thumbnail sketches that illustrate the principals the teacher is demonstrating for us.  My class notes are illustrated because I am a visual person.  When we are sent back to work on our paintings, I very quickly put washes onto my notes.  Voila’ a lovely resource guide to help me to actually implement what I’ve been taught. 

This workshop was taught by Calligrapher & Artist, Connie Furgason and the pumpkin and pear demo pages were inspired by her two samples.  


“A Gift from the Sea” – handmade book (8 1/2″ x 6″), which is designed to be mailed. Watercolor sea shell illustrations on 11 pages (8″ x 5 1/2″). Includes 4 (4″ x 6″) reference photographs of seashells found in San Diego. Available at Etsy: NancyLeeArtByTheSea –…