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PART OF LEARNING CALLIGRAPHY IS TO PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!  It used to be that you could practice your calligraphy addressing letters, writing out bills/checks, etc.  Now with email, social media and on-line/automatic payments, it can be a bit harder to find a way to practice your new calligraphy skills.  Here’s an idea!  Cut out some favorite photos from magazines and glue them to notebook paper.  Write some words underneath the photo to inspire you to practice your calligraphy.  By the time you fill up a few pages with these inspirational words, it is likely you will be writing almost the entire alphabet.  Another idea might be to glue small magazine pictures to blank cards & write your practice calligraphy words below.  Voila’ you have practiced your calligraphy & have a greeting card to send to a friend!  Write on!


“PEN PLAY” at San Diego calligraphy group was such fun!  We were given all the materials, created pen stroke calligraphic animals, practiced the NEULAND alphabet and a few other fun things.  I decorated my folder with a calligraphic lion and vintage postage stamps.  


CALLIGRAPHIC DESIGNS OF CALIFORNIA BROWN PELICANS are created from my own photographs taken in San Diego.  I enlarged the photos and used a light box to lightly trace the pelican’s rough details and then filled in the pelican with calligraphic “gestures”.  These photos were taken on my art studio table.