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200 COLLAGE TAGS PROJECT!  I created 200 plus collage tags years ago.  Making these tags was addictive & satisfying.  I used small magazine photos, other paper ephemera, which I rubber stamped over the images with metallic inks.  I added jewels, trinkets & embellished the tags with beautiful assorted ribbons.  The tags were created by color & subject so I have tags with different themes – India, the Sea, Animals, Gardens, Flowers, Jewels, Fantasy, Art, etc.  When I photographed the tags, I photographed them by subject and/or color.  The tags are filed by subject in boxes for easy access.  One of the uses for these tags is hanging them on my handmade art journals.  These art journals look the same lined up on the shelf, but I can quickly look at the tags to tell me what subject the journal is about and what dates the journal covers.  By the way, I photo the pages in all my journals so I can look at all the pages in each journal in my computer.  This allows me to easily find any page I am looking for and to know what art journal that page is in.  (I also have a 4 drawer file cabinet with magazine images saved in files by subject.  You might say I thrive on organization!)



Collage birthday card for a friend who loves red poppies! The poppy flower heads were painted on rice paper using Japanese brush painting technique.  The flower stems & leaves, the earth & the butterfly/lion are handmade papers made in India.  The strips of paper on the side are one of my old Japanese brush paintings cut up.  The envelope matches the Poppy flower theme!  


What’s on my Art Studio Table? A plethora of collage greeting cards! The starting point for these cards was a stack of printed postcards that someone gave me ages ago. Layering papers & adding glitter & gems is just so addicting. (Not to mention that all my problems go away while I’m cutting & pasting!)