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HANDMADE BOOK BINDING USING A CHOP STICK & A RUBBER BAND!  This is such a quick, easy and clever binding, which can use popsicle sticks, twigs, pencils, old paintbrushes and in this case, a chop stick!  Directions:  Punch 2 holes in stiff (water color) paper, insert one end of the rubber band from the back to the top and insert the chop stick.  On the book back, stretch the rubber band, insert through the 2nd hole to the book front and insert the other end of the chop stick.  Voila!  You have bound a book using this easy method.  I decorated my “book/card” with Asian motifs, added some drawings with water color paints and then glued the chop stick paper holder to the back of the “book/card”.  Helpful hints:  Use stiff paper, a long rubber band and score the pages about 1″ in so the “book/card” pages open and turn easily.


PAPER BEADS CREATED FROM MAPS!  Using one map of France and another map of San Diego, I rolled up paper beads & then made 2 necklaces out of them.  A folded envelope with a compass on the front holds the necklace.  A folded card with tags that have travel or French theme quotes on them completes the presentation.  Funny how a simple necklace made of paper beads can end up looking like a work of art! 


LEAF PRINTING!  Such fun to use real leaves to print greeting cards.  I also made reference charts for future use so I know which leaves I would like to print again and how they turn out.  Some of the leaves were printed using rubber stamp inks and then adding water colors.  Some of the leaves were printed using metallic acrylic liquid paints.  Both were very satisfying.  The geraniums on the fan cards have added drawings of the geranium flowers!  The possibilities for fun with leaf printing are endless!