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BUTTERFLY BOOKS STITCHED & READY TO FLY INTO YOUR HANDS TO CELEBRATE SPRING!  A page from my Handmade Books Art Journal shows details of how to make these little books.  I used watercolor paper for the front & back of the butterfly & hand painted them.  Each butterfly book has different kinds of paper “pages”.  The yellow butterfly has gelli paper printed with metallic ink pages.  The orange Monarch butterfly has pages created from a coastal California map where this butterfly migrates.  The blue butterfly pages are made of colored tissue paper & tulle netting.  Using a cereal box, I made a cardboard template of the butterfly to cut them out, but each butterfly is handpainted!  Hope you are inspired to make your own Spring butterfly books!


LEAF PRINTING – Brush the backs of fresh leaves with metallic liquid acrylic paints.  Print on paper rubbing the back of the leaf with a soft piece of cloth.  Lift up the leaf to reveal the print!  Fold an 11 x 8 1/2 piece of paper into 8 sections and slit the middle 2 sections.  This one-minute book technique creates a French-fold handmade book! 

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me fluttering from the autumn tree.”  — Emily Bronte


COLOPHONS WRITTEN AT THE BACK OF A HANDMADE BOOK ARE USED FOR EXPLANATION OF THE KINDS OF MATERIALS USED TO MAKE THE BOOK.  In published books Colophons list the typeface.  In handmade books the Colophon lists the type of papers used to make the book, the bookbinding technique, pen types, paint mediums & even extra embellishments that may have been included in the book.  The Colophon page shown here is from my “The Moon Viewing Party” handmade book, which I created after taking a writing and illustration workshop at The Athenaeum Music & Arts Library.  The print of the Mt. Fuji painting shows Mt. Fuji during the autumn when the moon is fullest.