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December 2014 Art Journal - Page 151 WATERMARK

AS 2014 GETS CLOSER TO THE END, I focus on the joy that nature brings to me.  Dolphins swimming offshore in the morning, Cormorants interacting with the pelicans, a Western Grebe diving for lunch in the azure sea.  A harbor seal pup is born on December 23rd, much too early in the pupping season, but we celebrate life anyway & whatever may be, will be.  Que sera sera.  At a campground in Cardiff By-the-Sea migrating gray whales swim south & their blow turns pink in the sunset light.  We can see the whales migrating by just standing on the beach.  No whale watching trip is necessary, but still it is lovely being out on the sea.  For me, this year has been about taking the time to slow down & really look at nature.  Cormorant eyes are the perfect example of the perk of slowing down & looking, looking.  The Cormorants have turquoise eyes with galaxies inside them.  I think of this quote by Georgia O’Keefe,  “we haven’t time, & to see takes time”.  I have been so lucky to have this time in my life with nature.

Double-crested cormorant 12-28-2014 - 10 WATERMARK

A perfect way to celebrate the holiday was having lunch with my son & his wife at an outdoor cafe with a sunny view of the sea.  We exchanged small gifts & I get more whale watching trip vouchers, a string of cheerful handmade fabric hens from India to enjoy & a few other trinkets & treasures.  A new year is coming.  I return to my art studio & create jewelry charms using my photographs of the seals, sea lions & pelicans.  With nature I feel a sense of timelessness.  It is only at home that I feel the urgency of chores to be done & time to create all the art that lives inside my head.  Time, time, time what has become of me?  How can I slow it down & live in harmony with all I want to do in my life?  End of the year musings for sure.

2014 ART JOURNAL – End of December


Seal & Pelican tags 12-23-2014 WATERMARK


LA JOLLA BY-THE-SEA JEWELRY CHARMS for me to wear!  A wonderful use for my photographs of the things I love about my life as an artist by-the-sea.  I printed out tiny, tiny photographs of pelicans & harbor seals to fit small acrylic charms by Tim Holtz.  I used Glossy Accents to attach the photos to the plastic charms & finished them off with a Pinch Bail jewelry finding.  I just need to make a few sea lion charms, too!

“I will make you brooches and toys for your delight off bird-song at morning and star-shine at night.  I will make a palace fit for you and me of green days in forests and blue days at sea.”  – Robert Louis Stevenson