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Del Mar Library By the Sea

DEL MAR LIBRARY BY THE SEA MOSAIC TILED WALL  Terracotta pelicans, shorebirds, fish and local wildlife.   Garibaldi fish going up the stairway have the names of donors for this wall.  Patrons contributed other Items inserted into the mosaic wall, which are fish bones, gears, glass, etc.

Mosaic Art – Japanese brush painting snippets in a grid

These are small Mosaic Art pieces created from 1 inch x 1 inch snippets of Japanese brush paintings.  A great way to utilize all those practice paintings!

Ocean Life Mosaic Art

Fragment Paper & Photo Collage - 1How many ways can I cut up paper and photos and glue them together?  Lots of ways!  This one has water color paper with salt technique, Japanese brush painting snippets, handmade paper, woven packing paper and real sea shells.