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CRANE ON NEST was painted from an image I saw on a very old Japanese greeting card.  This card opens up & has the appearance of a scroll because of the front and back card covers being glued to the top & bottom of the painting.  The crane rubber stamp is my own design.

CRANE ON NEST – Japanese Etegami Postcard – Japanese Brush Painting

Beauty in my heart crane etegami 12-22-2013 WATERMARKI CARRY THIS BEAUTY IN MY HEART – I think of this all the time now.  I am by-the-sea watching the pelicans flying by, the snowy egrets walking in the tide pools, the cormorants sort of floating and sinking at the same time, hearing the sea lions barking, watching the elephant seal flipping sand to cover himself, seeing the now pregnant harbor seals and watching the harbor seal pups playing joyfully together — I realize that this beauty exists all of the time.  All I have to do is remember it and to be present when I observe it to carry it in my heart.  I put my camera away.  I feel my heart slow, my breath deepen as the meditation of beauty unfolds before me.  I CARRY THIS BEAUTY IN MY HEART.