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HAPPY EARTH DAY FROM SAN DIEGO – All of the wild life here on the seashore, in the air & in the sea wish everyone a Happy Earth Day!  A special thanks to all who dedicate their lives to protecting Mother Earth every day all the time.  Shout out to Greenpeace and Sea Shepard, Audubon, Rendezvous Dive Adventures (ghost nets), Nan Daeschler Hauser, Pacific Marine Mammal Rescue, pelican rescue centers and everyone else who volunteer tirelessly to protect wildlife on Mother Earth and to educate everyone about living at one with nature.  In case I’ve forgotten to mention you, you know who you are.  Thanks very much!

Pelican Scroll

CALIFORNIA BROWN PELICAN IN WINTER PLUMAGE – Japanese brush painting on traditional scroll 50″ long x 19″ wide.  Available at my Etsy Shop: NancyLeeArtByTheSea…



BEAUTIFUL CALIFORNIA BROWN PELICANS flying by always leave me breathless.  There are juvenile pelicans that really stand out against the bright green & red pouches as the pelicans transform into their winter breeding plumage.  Even their eyes change from brown to blue!  As they sit on the La Jolla Cove bluff soaking up the sun, I get a close up view of these magnificent birds.