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Shelly Cat & Seashell 11-2015 W

INTRODUCING “SHELLY CAT WHO LIVES BY THE SEA”!  Shelly Cat will be sharing her adventures with her mice & bird friends with you!


August Art Journal - Page 74 W

2015 ART JOURNAL PAGE – The beginning of September finds me taking things to Goodwill because I’m transitioning into a new phase in my life & I’m making room for new opportunities to arrive!  Lots of baskets, clothes, kitchen items, holiday decorations, vintage dishes; everything is fair game to be packed up and moved on to someone else’s life!  It has been boiling hot in San Diego this Summer & September has been no different. My outside cats are “catatonic” with the 90 degree days here on the coast.  All sorts of weather records have been broken & San Diego even had 1 inch of rain in the month of August!  (The cats are terrified of the thunder & lightning storms & I don’t like them either!)  I completed a Japanese brush painting book called “Flora & Fauna”, which is shaped like a fan and fits inside a fan-shaped paint supplies box and painted tiny 3″ x 3″ waterlilies for 3 “belly bands” to wrap around 3 flower brush painting books, too.  A fun project was to paint black & white cats for a friend in New York who had a birthday.   She has an adorable black & white cat named “Pumpkin”.  One of my jaunts was to visit Cedros Gardens in Solana Beach for flower inspiration where I saw Passaflora flowers on a vine, which meandered up the archway entrance.  Quite wonderful.  Finally, I created 10 beach theme greeting cards using corrugated beige paper, natural colored raffia and sea shell bits picked up on the beach.  The background of these cards is a watercolor painting with sea salt sprinkled on to create a sea-like atmosphere.  These cards are very much 3-D so they won’t be mailable unless you put them in a box!  Still I was pleased with making them because a lot of my art feels like playing!  Always something to create when you are an artist living in San Diego by-the-sea!