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Harbor Seal Pup Defends Self From a Mean Ole’ Sea Gull

As if the two month old and weaned Harbor seal pups don’t have enough on their minds, they still have to watch out for the pesky sea gulls who still seem to like trying to nip a pup’s tail.  First the nip, then the pup turns around and says “Cut it out!”.  Then the pup turns and a face to face stand off takes place until the gull finally walks off to find something else to do.  Check out the pups face because they are molting now and this is a great shot of a face half molted and half furry!



THE HARBOR SEAL PUPS IN LA JOLLA ARE SO FUNNY.   This little pup seemed surprised that the crowd on the sea wall watching were so charmed by him!  I could almost hear his thoughts.  

“My there is a large crowd of people here today!”  (Because we all love the seals!)

“Is that bird going to try to peck me?”  (No, its a Black Turnstone who has no interest in seals.)

“What’s that smell?”   (I have no idea.)

“Hmm I’m exhausted now, I think its nap time.”  (I think its nap time for me, too.)



Harbor seal pupping season in La Jolla is winding down. The fat little pups are only a day or two away from being weaned. The pups already weaned are dropping a bit of their weight from nursing as they now have to find fish to eat all by themselves. They pitifully cry “mooooom” to no avail. Soon their cries will fade, their hope of suckling will be just a dream & the real beginning of surviving in the Harbor seal colony will begin.