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It’s not just the harbor seal pups that steal our hearts.  Adult harbor seal’s antics capture our hearts, too.  This black harbor seal has the most gorgeous set of whiskers, yawns wide & sticks her tongue out at us!  She practically flutters her eyelashes to show us how adorable she is!  

Seaweed hat for a Harbor Seal – It’s mating season!

It’s just so very important for a Harbor seal to look her best during mating season.  Wearing a sea weed hat or even pretending to be a mermaid all seems to be fair game.  It certainly seemed to get the attention of the boys!  La Jolla, California

Harbor Seal Pup Defends Self From a Mean Ole’ Sea Gull

As if the two month old and weaned Harbor seal pups don’t have enough on their minds, they still have to watch out for the pesky sea gulls who still seem to like trying to nip a pup’s tail.  First the nip, then the pup turns around and says “Cut it out!”.  Then the pup turns and a face to face stand off takes place until the gull finally walks off to find something else to do.  Check out the pups face because they are molting now and this is a great shot of a face half molted and half furry!