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October 2014 Art Journal - Page 122 WATERMARKMID OCTOBER 2014 – DAILY ART JOURNAL – Autumn in San Diego.  finally the coastal fog & cooler weather has returned.  It’s a pleasant 75 degrees.  As usual the high surf has broken some of the lobster traps loose & these dangerous traps are dragging around at the edge of the beach.  Worrisome how many injuries the fishing industry causes marine mammals & birds.  

We have very pregnant harbor seals at the beach & 2 miscarriages have already occurred. The harbor seal pupping season doesn’t start until February & it’s way too early for these seals to be this pregnant & giving birth.  I’ve seen this happen in January before, but never in November!  Is this climate change?  Some diver left a giant red  kelp crab up on a rock at the beach.  Thank goodness it was dead & I didn’t have to worry about figuring out how to get it back in the ocean. 

I went whale watching to renew my spirit & to remind myself that the ocean life I observe at the edge of the shore is only a small bit of what is really in the sea.  A mega-pod of more than 1,000 common dolphins showed up right away.  The squeaking dolphins jumping just because they love the sea so much always brings tears to my eyes.  Beauty heals.  This trip brought out bunches of flying fish skittering up from beneath the sea at the bow of the boat & then FLYING.  Actual like-a-bird flying!  They were so magical.  We saw humpback whales, too.  I’m longing to see a humpback whale breech like the one that did a full breech up in Los Angeles.  There’s always a reason to return on another whale watching trip as the sea is different every minute of every day.  

Don’t worry if the tide goes out, it always returns.  Living life like the rhythm of the sea is good advice.  Blessings to you today.



October  2014 Art Journal Page 116 WATERMARK

DAILY ART JOURNAL 2014 -End of September & Beginning of October – San Diego Autumn brings longer nights with the sun setting at 7:00 p.m.  Daylight savings time must be right around the corner.  Tonight the pumpkin sunset was marvelous.  The harbor seals were joined by a snowy egret.  Lobster fisherman are in full swing & as usual the pelicans are hitching rides while hoping for a handout.   A tiny green insect found a place to sit on a geranium flower.  I’m painting fairy tale fantasy birds & cutting out paper hearts for a card project.  Japanese doll cookies are so funny as the biscuits inside are plain & the doll image is only on the cellophane wrapper.  Still I love them.


September 2014 Art Journal - Page 111 WATERMARK

ARTIST BY-THE-SEA – 2014 ART JOURNAL – Live is so lovely living by-the-sea.  Everyday is filled with inspiration & joy.  This week in August was filled with heat & humidity from a storm in Mexico.  I walked on the beach in Pacific Beach and spotted cooked lobster shells decorating a fence.  I laughed at the macabre humor.  Shore birds scurried back & forth & to & fro in the surf on the beach.  In La Jolla a brand new beach was created by high tide waves on a south-facing beach.  A little pool area where the seals would take their babies to swim is completely filled in & people are walking all over the reef rocks, which were not accessible.  I hope the surf takes this new beach away this winter so the seal pups can swim there again.  I picked up sea shells & even found a fossilized clam shell!  The tide brought in lots of By-the-Wind sailors, which are not jelly fish & look like crisp textured cellophane.  I had never seen these before so it was exciting to view them!  The week finished out with a pink sunset sky and a full moon above.  Isn’t life lovely by-the-sea?