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Octopus Happy New Year 12-31-2014 WATERMARKWISHING YOU ALL A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.  I kind of think that this octopus is using the sea shells like noisemakers to celebrate the New Year under the sea!


ARTIST BY THE SEA I – Watercolor, photo images, brush painting collage

Collage aquatic large edited 6-5-2014 WATERMARKARTIST BY THE SEA I – Art collage consisting of Japanese brush paintings and watercolors created especially for this collage.  I did a series of 3 of these collages.  To me they represent what the top of my art studio table looks like sometimes!  A work of love painted from the heart by an artist by-the-sea!


ARTIST BY-THE-SEA III – Japanese brush painting & watercolor collage

Collage - Octopus 6-5-2014 WATERMARK


So this is one of my latest series of paintings.  A collage of mixed media – Japanese brush painting & watercolor painting combined.  This one includes Japanese Etegami postcards & an an art journal page.  The paint brushes, pens & pencils are watercolors.  I think this painting reflects my journey as an artist by-the-sea.