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HAPPY EARTH DAY FROM SAN DIEGO – All of the wild life here on the seashore, in the air & in the sea wish everyone a Happy Earth Day!  A special thanks to all who dedicate their lives to protecting Mother Earth every day all the time.  Shout out to Greenpeace and Sea Shepard, Audubon, Rendezvous Dive Adventures (ghost nets), Nan Daeschler Hauser, Pacific Marine Mammal Rescue, pelican rescue centers and everyone else who volunteer tirelessly to protect wildlife on Mother Earth and to educate everyone about living at one with nature.  In case I’ve forgotten to mention you, you know who you are.  Thanks very much!

“A Guide to San Diego Sea Shells” is now at Randall’s Sandals in Pacific Beach!

RANDALL’S SANDALS – Pacific Beach is now carrying my book, “A Guide to San Diego Sea Shells”.

Next time you need a new pair of sandals this is THE place to go.  The styles are beautiful (for both men and women), the prices are reasonable and Randall’s Sandals is an eco friendly business as well as being a charitable based business.  Bring in your old shoes so they can be recycled.  Purchase a pair of Moeloco (“dream crazy”) sandals, you will be providing a pair of shoes to a child in poverty!    Randall’s Sandals was just voted Best New Business in Pacific Beach.  Shop local at Randall’s Sandals at 955 Turquoise Street  in Pacific Beach.  And pick up a copy of my signed book, “A Guide to San Diego Sea Shells” while you’re there!

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“A Gift from the Sea” – handmade book (8 1/2″ x 6″), which is designed to be mailed. Watercolor sea shell illustrations on 11 pages (8″ x 5 1/2″). Includes 4 (4″ x 6″) reference photographs of seashells found in San Diego. Available at Etsy: NancyLeeArtByTheSea –…