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After 5 years of observing the Harbor seals, here’s what I think. Harbor seals live their entire lives with the tides. Low tides, high tides, warming ocean, winter waves, summer heat. Even while watching these gigantic crashing waves, some seals enter the sea with joy, while others seize an opportunity to rest. They live their lives with a mindful intention to be the best they can be in that particular moment in those particular circumstances. They live as a community. Harbor seals love their pups & they mourn the loss of the elders. It seems that seals just have faith & trust that they are living their lives every single day, every single moment as they should be. It is an awesome experience, rich with moments of joy & grief. It is a spiritual awakening that I am lucky enough to share my life by-the-sea with the Harbor seals.  

Note:  for a short video of this high tide event go to You Tube:  California By-the-Sea.  


11-25-2015 King Tide LJ - 2

I am pleased to share that my King Tide video has been requested to be used by NOAA (National Oceanographic Atmospheric Society) for an educational video program on tidal forces.  The video series will be viewable in late May/early June on, the National Ocean Service YouTube channel, and in Ocean Today museum kiosks throughout the US, Mexico, Canada, and the UK. .  You can view my videos at YouTube – California By-the-Sea.


This week little seaweed plants on tiny 1 inch (or smaller) stones washed up on the beach. I brought a few home to sketch & watercolor & that is what is on my art studio table this morning. After doing 2 paintings, I moved these tiny sea bouquets out to my patio table! I had the perfect mini flower pots for these magical seaweed bouquets. They are already dry, but they smell too fishy to be inside.