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SUMMER BRINGS BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS ON THE JOSHUA TREE AT LA JOLLA COVE.  The blooms are high up & many visitors walk right underneath them never even seeing them.  The waxy flowers with a tinge of green in the center on a gigantic flower stalk are stunning.  Take a moment to enjoy the beauty around us.


Yucca Tree - 7

Joshua Tree at the La Jolla Cove – I looked at this tree for years & never once thought that it was beautiful until one miraculous day when I saw the blooms, which took my breath away.  

Joshua Trees are native to California, are in the Yucca plant family & Cahuilla Native Americans ancestors used the leaves of to weave sandals and baskets in addition to harvesting the seeds and flower buds for meals.  

The flowers seem very orchid-like to me.  Waxy white flowers with a pale green flower buds.  Gorgeous.

Yucca Tree - 2Sometimes when I see something & start photographing it, I notice that other visitors will suddenly see what I’m seeing.  People lifted their heads up & suddenly saw the blooms, too, which they likely would not have seen.  I wonder how long I walked under this tree without ever noticing the flowers?  Sometimes having a camera in my hand means I’m not really present in the moment, but at other times having a camera in my hand opens my eyes to things I might not have noticed.  My camera now gives me “artist-eyes” & I view the world as if I was painting it.  Photography is another way to feed my creativity.

Here’s a quick Japanese brush painting of a Joshua Tree on Japanese calligraphy practice paper.  This practice paper is 60 sheets for $1.50 so it’s very cheap.  Painting on cheap paper means that I paint without the worry of ruining expensive art paper.  So freeing & brings back the FUN into my painting.   Painting what you know breathes life into your art & people feel that when they view your art.  Paint what you know & have fun.

Joshua Tree on callig prac paper 5-2014 WATERMARK