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St. Patricks Trader Joes 2014 - 4 Shamrocks are sold to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day & I look for them in the shops so I can buy a few.  (Slugs and snails love to eat the ones I have outside.)  Right now I have 2 varieties in a sunny window and they bloom their tiny white and pink flowers year round.  

The “shamrocks I remember from my childhood are really Wood-sorrel clover.  The back yard next door was covered with these clover plants in Summer time. A fond childhood memory is remembering how on a hot summer day I used to watch thousands of bees in this field of clover that had completely taken over the grass lawn.  I would kneel down, put my face close to the ground and be surrounded by the buzzing bees going from clover flower to clover flower to gather pollen to make their honey.  A carefree childhood moment of bees, pretty clover flowers & “shamrock” leaves.    Such a fine thing that bees work so hard for their bee community and for us, too. I loved the buzzing bees in my childhood world.  I don’t stick my head near bees anymore, but I do add silky amber liquid honey to my mint or chamomile tea.  

When I see the label “Clover Honey”, I think now of being surrounded by bees in my childhood and how the bees were taken for granted & were even seen as a nuisance by some .  Bees now seem to be so threatened by the limitless pesticides applied with a careless hand to rid ourselves of weeds in an easy and irresponsible way.  Gardeners talk about how we don’t see honey bees much anymore and seeing the rare bumble bee is a cause for celebration.  We used to pull weeds by hand, but the convenience of pointing a chemical spray keep our yards, sidewalks and driveways weed free. Pesticides are used routinely, with great abandon and with thoughtlessness by people, golf courses and corporate not reckon the cost.  Recently I spoke to a honey farmer at the Farmer’s Market and he has become active in saving bees, not just for his honey farm, but for all of us on this planet.  Did you know that if the bees go away, that the entire natural plant world would completely collapse within 7 years?  I’m so grateful for the bee farmers taking action to protect the bees.  

I buy my little “Lucky Shamrock” plant to take home & I say a little prayer of thankfulness for the bees and for ask for their protection.  Be safe my little buzzing friends.