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Chrysanthemums 10-17-2012 - 3 WATERMARK

Japanese brush painting – unstretched 



Chickens & 4 Gentlemen 4-24-2014 - 1 WATERMARK

The chickens in these tiny paintings are shown with bamboo, plum blossoms, chrysanthemums & wild orchids.  These plants are the traditional “Four Gentlemen” of Japanese brush painting, which must be mastered in order to learn all the strokes necessary to be a Japanese brush painting artist.  Each of these paintings is only 2″ x 3″.  Sometimes I just love to paint small even though it takes just as long to create a small painting as a large one!  

The first chickens I ever got were two Rhode Island Red hens.  A brightly painted green chicken coop was built for them to live in.  I didn’t know that once the hens went into the coop & went to sleep that I was supposed to close the coop door to keep them safe inside from opossums & skunks.  As I lay in bed I suddenly realized that I could hear them softly clucking and that it sounded very close.  I got out of bed and there were my two little red hens roosting on the backs of the kitchen chairs!  The hens had simply followed my cats inside through the cat door.  I guess they didn’t want to sleep alone.  I felt kind of sad picking them up & putting them to bed in their coop all by themselves.  They seemed so happy inside with all of us.  I had a big garden and the hens would follow me around and dig for pill bugs & worms.  They were gardeners, too. They were so good at hiding their eggs & showing up with a bunch of little chicks, too.  I loved them so much & miss having chickens a lot.