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PURPLE ORCHID TREE – December in San Diego brings streets are lined with blooming Purple Orchid Trees (bauhinia purpurea), which originated in Asia, South China & Japan. These trees are drought tolerant. The purple orchid flowers are gorgeous & the leaves are shaped like butterflies!  If you look at a branch of this tree, the leaves really do look like butterflies!  


September 2014 Art Journal - Page 109 WATERMARK

FIRST WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 2014 – ILLUSTRATED ART JOURNAL – This week on the coast was a very hot & humid week due to a tropical storm down in Mexico.  Beastie Cat slept in the shade upside down all day trying to escape the heat.  I spent the week hibernating in front of the portable air conditioner & creating mini Asian screen cards with watercolor art & rubber stamps.  At my Chinese brush painting workshop, we painted lovely orchids.  I made card board butterfly templates for a future art project & painted watercolors of hot peppers & squash from the La Jolla Farmer’s market.  On my trip to the art supply store for watercolor paper, I ventured outside for a few minutes & took photos of lion gargoyles in front of an old building and an elephant mural painted on a cafe wall.  Art is everywhere for an artist by-the-sea!

Elephant mural Hillcrest 9-2014


Elephant mural at the Crest Cafe.  Purples & turquoise & pinks!

Gargoyles fiercely protecting their domain!

ORCHID NURTURED WITH LOVE – Japanese brush painting

Orchids - Purple 9-2014 WATERMARK


Japanese Brush Painting – The bamboo stake on this orchid shows that someone is taking care of this orchid flower plant with care & love.