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SAN DIEGO COASTAL WILD FLOWERS BLOOM AFTER THE RAIN.  Four years ago I traveled the coast of San Diego County photographing and researching the wild flowers, which bloomed after our first rainy season in 10 years.  These are a few of my photographs along with ink and black colored pencil drawings for my Pattern Series.


Sometimes you just know that its going to be a perfect day by the sea.  Your first glimpse of the ocean with a fluffy cloud-filled sky on the horizon takes your breath away.  You pray for a parking space anywhere close by so you can run to the sea. 

& the sea never disappoints.  The sea is a constant ever-changing living thing with moods & emotions.  Today the sea lavender flowers bloom at the edge of the bluffs and the lavender is the perfect complement to the azure sea.  Perfect.

Sea Lavender Ocean View 4-5-2014 - 2 WATERMARK

Sea Lavender Ocean View 4-5-2014 - 3 WATERMARK

It’s spring in San Diego.  Last night it rained & today the sky is clear, the sun shines & there is a soft breeze.  

Sparkling sea swim 4-5-2014 WATERMARK

The harbor seal pups float above sea grass in a diamond-studded sea.  

Garibaldi Fish 4-5-2014

Bright orange Garibaldi fish peek out from under the tide pools in the crystal-clear water.  


Casa Beach - Beautiful Water & Waves 3-16-2014 - 4 WATERMARK

Harbor seals swim in the bright turquoise sea.  Perfect.  

Perfect mother & pup love 3-8-2014 WATERMARK

Mother harbor seals embrace their pups & smile a perfect smile.

Pelican Flying Overhead 3-17-2014 - 2

Pelicans soar overhead with breathless flight.  Perfect.

Visiting sea lions 4-5-2014 WATERMARK

A few sea lions even swim by for a visit on this lovely day.

The good life with shorebirds by the sea 3-8-2014 WATERMARK

I walk by a couple facing the view and hear the husband say “It’s like a painting isn’t it?” & I hear the catch in his throat.  Indeed.  It is the most beautiful place on earth.  It is a perfect day.

Pelican Angel Wings 4-5-2014 - 1 WATERMARK

& every turn in my walk just brings more & more beauty.  A pelican on the bluff has angel wings!  I stop & stare.  I always knew this place was a little piece of heaven.  Perfect.  Just perfect.