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INDIAN BLANKET FLOWERS ARE A MEMBER OF THE SUNFLOWER FAMILY.  In 2010 I found a yard where a woman had planted wild flower seeds.  I went back every day for weeks photographing the flowers & drawing them plein air.  There were bumble bees accompanying me & I was dizzy with the beauty.  The next year weeds took over the wild flowers & they were all mowed down.  I have checked each year since then & the beauty of this experience was a one-time only one, but it will always live on in my memory & in my Nature & Botanical Sketchbook for 2010.  Recently I spotted these Indian Blanket flowers in someone else’s yard & I was delighted to see my friends return elsewhere.


Sizzling sunflower seed salad recipe 3-2016 W

SINCE WILD SUNFLOWERS ARE BLOOMING IN SAN DIEGO RIGHT NOW, I WAS REMINDED OF SERVING HOT SUNFLOWER SEEDS OVER A CRISP, COLD GREEN SALAD & HEARING THE SIZZLE!  In case this recipe is not clear, you simply saute the sunflower seeds in some olive oil until they are lightly toasted & immediately pour over your green salad already dressed with vinegar of your choice (balsamic, rice, red wine, etc.).  Enjoy!


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