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SAN DIEGO COASTAL WILD FLOWERS BLOOM AFTER THE RAIN.  Four years ago I traveled the coast of San Diego County photographing and researching the wild flowers, which bloomed after our first rainy season in 10 years.  These are a few of my photographs along with ink and black colored pencil drawings for my Pattern Series.

California Buckwheat, Mustard & Prickly Pear Cactus – Del Mar

I’m still stopping by the roadsides & travelling around town to enjoy all the wild flowers blooming in San Diego after our wonderful rainy season this year that ended a 10-year drought.  These photos are of the Los Penasquitos March Nature Preserve & Lagoon between Del Mar and Torrey Pines State Reserve and State Beach.  I was on the hunt today for wild California Buckwheat, which is a major source of nectar for butterflies & honey bees.  The white flowers with a hint of pink clump together on top of woody stems with deep green leaves.  Really lovely.  While I was photographing the bees were buzzing!  Of course there was more wild Mustard growing there and I was surprised to find tons of Prickly Pear Cactus there, too.  Torrey Pines State Reserve is to the south and La Jolla appears in the distant landscape.  Torrey Pines State Beach is a wonderful place to drive by early in the morning and see the Inshore Dolphins surfing the glassy waves.  Really it is such magical world and I am so lucky.  


It’s Spring in San Diego. Millions of wild sunflowers blooming in the protected bird marsh in Mission Bay. Lots of chirping finches & other songbirds along the edge of the marsh, while the shore birds nest & forage in the marsh land areas. Wishing you a sunny week!